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Opening night admission to our unprecedented NIGHT GALLERY art show!

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From 1969 to 1973, NBC warped the minds of impressionable viewers with Rod Serling’s NIGHT GALLERY, the weekly anthology that weaved a sinister web of terrifying tales ranging from the dark and ghoulish to the occasionally whimsical and comedic.

Each episode was introduced by Serling, whose dulcet tones were accompanied by a macabre, always otherworldly painting, credited to artist Tom Wright for the show’s three seasons and with Jaroslav “Jerry” Gebr supplying the trio of paintings in the original 1969 pilot. The paintings were surrealist nightmares, often disturbing and horrific, and always unforgettable in their imagery.

This March, CREATURE FEATURES hosts an unprecedented display of many of the original paintings, along with tribute paintings and sculptures from a witch’s brew of contemporary artists, including Norman Cabrera, Amanda Dempsey, Bob Lizarraga and Mark Tavares, paying tribute to the series.

The exhibit will also showcase a display of key props, behind-the-scenes photographs and rare promotional memorabilia, plus a series of live retrospectives featuring screenings of classic episodes with key cast & crew members from the show’s original production giving their own personal commentaries.

The event’s opening night is March 17th from 6 to 9 P.M.
Admission to the opening reception is $10 and includes refreshments.

Sorry, tickets are nonrefundable. We do expect lines for admission, so plan your visit (and outfit) accordingly. Thank you!

This ticket is valid for opening night, March 17th.
No physical ticket will be mailed.
Your name will be on a Will Call list at the door.
Please bring picture ID.

Please contact Creature Features with questions at cfeatures@gmail.com or (818) 842-8665.


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