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Premiere of David Shire’s long-unreleased score to rare IMAX feature THE JOURNEY INSIDEhand-signed by the composer!

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The CD premiere of David Shire’s score to the rare IMAX sci-fi feature THE JOURNEY INSIDEhand-signed by the composer!

Rousing David Shire score makes CD premiere! 40-minute IMAX feature directed by Barnaby Jackson was showcase for special effects-laden journey into pioneering world of Intel, their Pentium processor, told via vivid sci-fi tale of alien race of Angorians arriving on Earth to harvest food, finding human’s development of computer chip a threat. Surrounded by veteran team of filmmakers, David Shire found himself recording at MGM Pictures Scoring Stage 1 (now Sony Pictures Scoring) with ace mixer Dan Wallin and 80 musicians to record exciting, lavish original music. Best part: Shire eschews expected beeps and bleeps approach in favor of powerful, sonorous symphonic essay! Dynamic, thrilling, melodious! Shire immediately launches with kinetic primary theme, then works with numerous ideas both colorful, imposing. Highlights are many but standouts include mid-score introduction of lilting, gently sweeping secondary theme of “FAB I”, that becomes anchor for remainder of score. Rich major-key tune trades with primary theme to give score unusual thematic depth. Action music also abounds: “Get Him!” deserves spotlight here, as does following “In The Computer” sequence. Final portion of score warrants special attention: Shire reminds listeners of primary theme during “Across The Critical Threshold” but wraps instead with definitive closing quote of secondary theme for “End Title”, bringing everything to rich major key finish. Stunning musical architecture offers much reward! Vibrant stereo recording (by Wallin), colorful orchestrations by Thomas Pasatieri, handsome graphic design by Joe Sikoryak, liner notes by Tim Greiving are all further assets to cool treat for David Shire fans! David Shire conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

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