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The CD premiere of Disney adaptation THE HAUNTED MANSION, autographed by composer Mark Mancina!

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The CD premiere of Disney adaptation THE HAUNTED MANSION, autographed by composer Mark Mancina!

Creature Features is holding an in-store panel and signing event with Mancina and TWISTER/SPEED director Jan De Bont, scheduled for January 2017! Please stay tuned for other Mancina scores available for pre-order as well.

Mr. Mancina returned the CDs to us earlier this week and orders have been shipped!

Due to overwhelming in-person turnout, Mr. Mancina was unable to sign all of the pre-ordered CDs on the day of the event. He has graciously agreed to sign the remaining orders, and they’ve been express-shipped to his studio for him to sign, and we’ll be filling orders in the order they were received as soon as we receive them back from Mr. Mancina. We thank you for your patience, but refunds are available for customers who do not wish to wait. We’ll post more information in this space as updates become available. Thanks to everyone for helping make this a great event!


Premiere release of Mark Mancina score for Disney’s 2003 movie, based on their wildly popular Disneyland theme park ride! Eddie Murphy stars, Terence Stamp, Wallace Shawn, Marsha Thomason, Jennifer Tilly surround him, Rob Minkoff directs. Lavish, inspired music by Mancina scored for large orchestra, choir brings warmth, humor, excitement to fanciful, spooky tale. Real estate agents Murphy, Thomason are summoned to imposing mansion tucked away in New Orleans swamplands and encounter owner and butler with secrets galore. Wild tale offers both haunting romantic sadness and grim frightening set pieces. Mancina makes great use of familiar Buddy Baker melody “Grim Grinning Ghosts” familiar to all who have experienced the famous attraction. But he contributes so much more. Two important themes form the heart and soul of tale: one is a tender, nostalgic minor mode idea for deceased Elizabeth, the owner’s long lost love. Heard at the outset on music box with the initial appearance of Leota (Jennifer Tilly), the tune ingeniously links her mysterious “ghost ball” with Elizabeth. The gentle, saddened idea brings tears. The second idea, a richly drawn love theme, gets less playtime but ultimately grabs entire spotlight in broad, surging major-key guise, chorus in tow, as lovers are reunited at last. Mancina also fashions numerous smaller motifs in unusually thematic score, a personal favorite of the composer’s. Action gets plenty of attention as well: special mention goes to intense, rhythmically charged “The Crypt”. Frightening scene inspires Mancina to launch with pair of rich minor-to-major tritone chords, then evolve into choral chant with icy jabs from brass, culminating in dynamic tour-de-force action cue. Mancina climaxes entire score with massive 11-minute sequence covering rescue action, sweeping love, final ascension to heaven. Film is scored wall-to-wall and Mancina’s original music spills over to second CD, playing for 84-minutes with another 11-minutes of unused alternates and additional cues. At close of CD 2, listeners can enjoy the original performance of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” performed by The Singing Busts, seen in a key sequence of the film. Mancina worked closely with director Minkoff and the results are evident in a rousing movie, full of humor, action and heart, replete with a grand old-fashioned symphonic score to match! Entire 2-CD set presented from original two-track digital scoring session mixes vaulted at Disney in pristine condition. Original 2003 album from Walt Disney label featured songs plus just one track of score. Now at last Mark Mancina gets his due! 20-page booklet with generous color stills, informative notes from Tim Grieving, flipper cover art design by Kay Marshall completes exciting package. “Grim Grinning Ghosts” written by Xavier Atencio, Buddy Baker. Eddie Jobson arranges chorus, David Metzger & Don Harper orchestrate, Harper associate conducts, Mark Mancina composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD release available while quantities and interest remain!



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CD 1
01. Haunted Mansion Opening Title† (3:58)
02. Manipulating The Buyers** (1:35)
03. Take Off For The Weekend (0:34)
04. Whacking A Spider (0:32)
05. Phone Call (1:01)
06. Drive To The Mansion**† (0:43)
07. Gates Open† (2:04)
08. Dead People In The Back Yard† (1:06)
09. Meeting Edward Gracey† (4:15)
10. This House Haunts Me**† (4:28)
11. To The Study† (0:45)
12. Confiding In Mr. Evers** (0:57)
13. Secret Passageway** (2:31)
14. Ghost Ball** (2:40)
15. So Many Memories** (2:48)
16. Against My Better Judgment (3:37)
17. Meeting Leota**† (5:48)
18. Chased By A Marching Band (0:41)
19. Dad, We Have A Problem*** (1:07)
20. Jim Finds Out What Ed Wants**† (5:31)
21. Passage To The Dead (3:26)
CD 1 Total Time: 50:31

CD 2
01. The Crypt**† (4:44)
02. Spiders** (1:51)
03. Jim And Ramsley Fight**† (3:41)
04. Don’t You Remember?† (4:38)
05. Never Fail (1:12)
06. Try Again (10:55)
07. End Title* (6:11)
CD 2 Total Time: 33:18
Total Score Time: 83:49

*Not Featured in Film
**Includes Music Not Featured in Film
***Different Version Than in Film
†Includes “Grim Grinning Ghosts”
Written by Xavier Atencio and Buddy Baker

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