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A beautiful new hardcover book on the life and work of Joseph Smith, with foreword by legendary illustrator Drew Struzan!

Over the years, Hollywood has produced some of the most beloved and iconic movie posters. Award-winning illustrator Joseph Smith became a master of this craft, with striking promotional achievements that ranged from prestigious studio blockbusters like BEN-HUR and EARTHQUAKE! to gloriously over-the-top B-flicks selling bug-eyed monsters and crazed motorcycle gangs. Spanning the decades, a master of all genres, Smith began designing characters and backgrounds for Walt Disney in the 1930s before WWII called upon his special creative gifts for secret government assignments. Post-war, Smith conceived posters for Universal Pictures, MGM, and eventually independent moviemakers like Roger Corman and other budget-minded, offbeat innovators. His story is the story of Hollywood entertainment itself, of the changing times and America’s changing taste. Through it all, the remarkable Smith remained an irrepressible force of nature, always experimenting with new creative techniques to catch the attention of an ever-transforming world. This exciting new book provides the most thorough collection of Joe Smith’s celebrated posters to date, along with other artistic JS works relating to the movie industry. The text is by pop culture specialist Gary Gerani (FANTASTIC TELEVISION), a personal friend of Mr. Smith’s who was given access to the artist’s invaluable personal records. Beyond providing magnificent original art, beautifully reproduced posters and other great visuals, THE ART OF JOE SMITH contains never-before published Smith paintings and designs from unproduced movie projects, including some that will undoubtedly surprise film historians. So if you’re a fan of the romantic era of movie illustration, or just a cinema buff fascinated by how things worked during the Golden Age of Hollywood and beyond, this is the tome for you.

The book is currently being printed and is expected to begin shipping in late January 2021.

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