Invasion of the Clown Clones


An autographed copy of the first art book from Charlie Chiodo, one of the creators of KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE!

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Creature Features is proud to present a brand new book:
INVASION OF THE CLOWN CLONES: The Art of Charlie Chiodo!

For a very limited time, we’re offering copies personally signed by Mr. Chiodo from our exclusive art show featuring his original work!

Invasion of the Clown Clones is Charlie Chiodo’s first published art book, featuring a collection of
ALL-NEW Clown Characters from the artist behind “KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE.”
The book includes QR codes on select pages, a smattering of comments made by Charlie
during filming, and web links at the back of the book so you can watch and hear Charlie creature
these masterpieces on your very own smart phone or home computer!

Inside the book, Charlie illustrates what several well-known personalities might look like if their
DNA were spliced with those scary circus clowns that so many of us have had nightmares
about! And, as cloning can involve a bit of trial and error, you will also see examples of some
“rejects” from a few of these experiments, which for scientists may mean disaster, but for artists
can turn out to be a good thing! Are you ready? Okay then, let the cloning begin!

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