Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Season Two – Autographed


A world premiere release – Season Two of BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY, signed by composers Bruce Broughton and Stu Phillips!

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Intrada Records’ 4-CD world premiere release of soundtrack music from Season Two of BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY!

This set comes personally autographed by composers Stu Phillips and Bruce Broughton, fresh from their signing appearance at Creature Features!

Spectacular 4-CD world premiere release of dynamic orchestral soundtracks from second (and final) television season of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, starring Gil Gerard, Erin Gray. With camp value of first season reduced, serious tone of original score contributions increased, Season Two introduces Bruce Broughton to series. Contributions from Stu Phillips, John Cacavas and Herbert Don Woods also bring weight to dramatic scores for entire season, with familiar Glen A. Larson/Johnny Harris signature theme having say. Phillips brings challenging material to the fore, focus on zigzag strings and rousing percussion, Cacavas offers regal, major-key ideas with emphasis on brass, Woods brings in stark, dramatic flavor. However, primary composer for entire season is then-rising-star newcomer Broughton, who ushers in powerful fanfare-theme of his own with stirring orchestral scores melding equal parts thrilling action, colorful drama, rich melody. Intrada presents each score from all four composers, including format music (main titles, bumpers, end credits) direct from original session masters vaulted in pristine condition at Universal. Though mono mixes were made for show itself, happily Universal engineering crew recorded everything for second season in three-channel stereo for storage and internal use, allowing us to present every note on all four CDs in thrilling stereo. (For those so interested: strings plus horns blend left to center, woodwinds in center, brass focus in center to right, with harp, piano, xylophone, vibraphone, celeste and other colors panned to right.) Instrumental detail is terrific. Format music was actually recorded on 2″ 24-track tape, so stereo mixes from these elements are more elaborate. John Takis provides detailed notes about entire production, Joe Sikoryak generously packages with large array of color stills including complete cue assembly details with slates and wraps everything with rich cover artwork. Generous collection provides you with some of the finest television music of the eighties! Bruce Broughton, Stu Phillips, John Cacavas, Herbert Don Woods, Johnny Harris conduct.

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