It Came From Bob’s Basement

It Came From Bob's Basement!

Prop collector and historian Bob Burns celebrated the release of Monsterscene Magazine’s epic cover story on his life and career with an afternoon of sci-fi gadgets and good will.

Burns displayed a treasure trove of iconic rarities, including the fabled Wolf’s Head cane from 1941’s The Wolfman, a rare latex alien head and miniature spaceship from Invasion of the Saucer-Men, the ‘Snake’ head of actor Arthur O’Connell from George Pal’s 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, a ‘Rocketeer’ helmet and, of course, the beloved stop-motion armatures from the original King Kong and Mighty Joe Young.

Friends and fans in attendance included Emmy-winning make-up artist John Goodwin, John “Arizona Gillman” Gilbert, actor Daniel Roebuck, producer Chuck Williams, artist Russ Jones and many others.

The afternoon also saw the earliest resurrection of Bob & wife Kathy’s Burbank-based Halloween shows as friends new and old signed a written petition offering their services to participate in what later became their final and most ambitious show paying homage to the 1951 chiller The Thing from Another World.