Godzilla: All Art Attack!

godzilla banner sunday 11th

Hey G-Fans!

Creature Features celebrates sixty years of destruction—and the summer’s biggest arrival, Godzilla 2014—with GODZILLA: ALL ART ATTACK!, a multi-media gallery exhibit showcasing works from artists in the fields of film, television, fine art, comics, children’s book illustration, and more!

GOJIRA debuted in Japan in 1954, making this year the 60th anniversary, and the franchise one of the most prolific and long-running series in film history. With Gareth Evans’ GODZILLA hitting theaters, the King of the Monsters will be a ubiquitous presence this summer.

While the Big G himself is the focus of the show, the event will feature every relevant aspect of the Godzilla world, including his numerous foes and the entire kaiju crew, from A(nguirus) to Z(illa).

Opening reception will take place on Sunday, May 11th, from 1 to 6 PM.

Featured artists include:
Zac Amendolia
John Bergin
Andy Carey
Jeff Carlson
Anthony Carpenter
Lee Copeland
Aiden Casserly
Jesse D’Angelo
Oliver Dear
Ricardo Delgado
Frank Dietz
Melissa Encinas
John Fasano
Thomas Fernandez
Sam Ford
Jake Geiger
Jesse Guiher
Kenneth J. Hall
Mary Hoffman
Emma Jacobs
Lee Johnson
Phil Joyce
Tom Krohne
Jessica Lentz
Rebecca Lord
Russ Lukich
Chris Mason
Woody Miller
Ken Mitchroney
Aidan Monahan
Ken Morgan
Robert Negrete
Eric October
Eric O’Neill
Brad Parker
Jeff Pittarelli
Jason Profant
Alex Quntero
Sam Randazzo
Ken Ruzic
Jon Schnepp
Samantha Secor
Amber Skowronski
Rory Smith
William Stout
Eric Swartz
Matt Tames
Mark Tavares
Bryan Willette
Woody Welch
David Zeggart
…and more!

Creature Features is located at 2904 W Magnolia Blvd in beautiful downtown Burbank.
Admission is always FREE.