Frankenstein Conquers Burbank!

Frankenstein Conquers Burbank!

Creature Features joined forces with Sideshow Collectibles in 1995 to unveil one of the company’s first and finest achievements with their epic interactive vinyl model kit based on Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein.

Masterminded by sculptor and Sideshow creator Dan Platt, this elaborate 28-piece 1/8th scale diorama instantly raised the bar on hobby kits with its exhaustive attention to detail, uncanny sense of motion and sheer execution.

Wrightson himself flew in from the east coast to partake in the festivities joining Sideshow crew members Platt, Ken Morgan, Tom Gilliland and Greg Anzalone.

Also on hand with his own classic rendition of Frankenstein was sculptor Gino Acevedo representing his stunning, then-new 1/1 scale bust of Boris Karloff ‘s Frankenstein Monster manufactured by CineArt. Acevedo has since relocated to New Zealand to become one of the key artists at WETA working on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong and many others.

Other notables in attendance included writer/director Frank Darabont, authors David J. Schow and Christa Faust, actor Daniel Roebuck and make-up FX artists Greg Nicotero of KNB-FX, Jim McPherson and Brent Baker.

Photographs courtesy of Frank Darabont and Daniel Roebuck

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