Creature Features is proud to present the Los Angeles premiere of BEHIND THE MASK: THE BATMAN: DEAD END STORY.
This exclusive, one-time event will take place at the renowned ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on September 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM.

In 2003, a short Batman film premiered at the San Diego Comic Con. This is the true story behind the cult film and its aftermath…

In the winter of 2003, commercial director Sandy Collora and some of his friends set out to make a little short film to serve as a demo reel and showcase his talents as a filmmaker. They wound up making one of the most elaborate, most watched, most talked-about, and most controversial short films ever made. BATMAN: DEAD END premiered in July 2003 at the San Diego Comic Con and instantly threw Batman fans into a frenzy about what exactly it was, who made it, and where they could get their hands on it. This documentary reveals the true story behind the making of the film and chronicles its impact and influence.

Hardcore fans of both The Batman and Predator around the world (including Kevin Smith and Alex Ross) cite BATMAN: DEAD END as the quintessential representation of those characters on film. Through never-before-seen footage, photographs and interviews with the cast and crew, this retrospective reveals what it took to get to the screen and follows a few of the key players through the last ten years, to see how this short film changed their lives forever.